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Q:Can i come and pick an order from your office?
A:Yes... But... Not before we'll call you and invite you to come. It'll take up to 10 working days to complete your order. Please remember to choose "self pickup" in the order so we will do so.
Q:Can i place an order without giving you the credit card details on line?
A:Yes. If you don't like to give them on line you can call us later on or we'll call.... But some times we will call only when we got the goods and not before because anyway we charge only when we plan to ship your order and not before (Except for very big or special orders)
Q:When you actually charge my credit card?
A:Only when we've the stuff ready for shipping or pickup. Except in cases of complete computer systems or thing that are imported specially for you and then we'll consider doing it before
Q:Can i come to your office and place an order there?
A:We don't like it. Anyway we don't have stock and the best way is to do it from home. Then you can use the order tracking system to see how we work on your order
Q:Are the prices in the site are the real and updated prices?
A:Yes they're. We update prices and products daily. We might make a mistake so when you see something too cheap ask us. Some mistakes comes from typos and others from mistakes in the suppliers price lists. We're sorry about it but it can happen
Q:What do i pay for shipping?
A:Pickup=Nothing, Registered mail=20 Shekels,Messenger=45 shekels (big cities in 24 hours from the time the package leaves our office and smaller places up to 72 hours but not more!!!(except weekends and holydays)
Q:Where is your office?
Q:Where can i read the complete terms of service

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Shipping is 15-45 shekels in Israel. Shipping prices will be added manualy to the order
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